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Artist - Songwriter - Producer

3-60 (Also known as Ed Mallory) is a rap artist with a unique background, and a very distinctive sound. His music defines the artist’s style and background in a unique way and his sound captures the nuances of various hip-hop currents to perfection. After all, Ed is a Pittsburgh native, but he experience life in places like Orlando (Florida) and Los Angeles (California), where he still resides!

In addition to being a rap artist, 3-60 also does his own production and songwriting. As his artist moniker suggests, he is a 360-degrees talent, who is always hands-on about making great music happen.

If you are a fan of fellow artists like Rick Ross, Drake, and Lil Wayne, you are definitely going to enjoy what you hear on 3-60’s tracks. His songs have a lot of energy, yet the production still maintains a nice, texture-rich tone, which enhances the value of this production, giving the song so much more vibe and attitude to begin with.

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